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Kuva (c) Helen Habte

Litter plans 2024:


Trendi has been mated with Do-It at 17. and 18.5.2024! Puppies will hopefully arrive in the middle of June.

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Posteri (c) Zuzanna Pieczynska

Trendi is a daughter of my beloved Fisu, and full sister to my dog Hukka. She lives in Eastern Finland with her owner Satu Paavilainen, and is active in obedience. From Fisu's litter, Trendi reminds me mostly of her mother in terms of her working style and intensity. Trend has a great will to fight with toys and she is greedy for food. However, Trendi doesn't only work for a treat or a toy, but also genuinely enjoys the social reward. Like her mother, Trendi is a combination of passion and stability, willingness to cooperate and endless work motivation. Trendi does not get stressed about corrections or mistakes during training, but also accepts feedback from her handler. In everyday life, Trendi is a very easy and nice dog, she knows how to calm down in strange places and does not stress unnecessarily. She is very social with both people and other dogs. Trendi is not afraid of strange surfaces or loud noises, fortunately she has not inherited Fisu's reactions to thunder. Trendi does not like bees and other flying insects. There is a small amount of reactivity in Trendi, that was mostly visible in "ghost age" as barking in strange situations. Trendi does not have any kind of aggressivity in her, she likes everyone and has positive attitude in new situations. 

Trendi competes in obedience FCI class 3. She became Finnish Obedience Champion in age of 3 years, and has been competing in Finnish national championships and team tryouts for couple of years now. Besides obedience, Trendi has seen sheep a few times and she shows nice qualities in herding. 


Trendi has been widely health examined and she is completely healthy. She has B/B hips, 0/0 elbows, OCD free shoulders (x-rayed in age of 6 months and one year), healthy spine (LTV0, VA0, SP0) in the age of 1 and 4 years, healthy eyes as adult. Trendi is DNA tested with MyDogDna test panel and she is free of all tested diseases. Trendi does not have allergies or stomach problems, and she has never been sick. Trendi is about 50cm tall and weights 13,7kg.


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Kuva (c) Helen Habte
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Kuva (c) Helen Habte

Films about Trendi

Do-It (Gk Vallh Pr Lekebergas Do-It) is almost 4-year-old male from Sweden. He lives in Örebro with his owner Sanna Friberg, and is active in obedience and herding. Do-It is a friendly and easygoing dog, who loves to cooperate with his handler. He has always liked to play and work with his handler, and his food drive has increased with age. His power and speed has also been growing with experience and age. Do-It likes to run, but he always has his mind and ears open for information. Do-It is not a crazy or very passionate dog, but still fast enough to be good as a sports dog. He is very careful while listening to words and how they are combined, he really wants to understand the tasks and even the shades of a word are important to him. However, Do-It is not a soft dog who gets stressed about mistakes, he is always eager to try again. In everyday life Do-It has been easy dog since the beginning. He is social to other people and other dogs, and he is easy and reliable in new environments. Do-It does not chase rabbits or cars and he can walk off the leash everywhere. He is not afraid of loud noises. Do-It has no tendency to react with aggression and he does not have any resource aggressivity or guarding behaviour. 


Do-It competes in obedience FCI class 3 and herding in the highest class (IK2). In herding Do-It is a talented dog with very nice drive and natural outruns. He has been very easy to train in herding. He works intensively with nice style but not have much eye. 


Do-It has healthy B/B hips, OCD free shoulders, healthy spine and healthy eyes. He has been DNA tested with MyDogDna test panel, he is carrier of IGS and clear of all other tested diseases. Do-It has been healthy, he does not have stomach issues or other problems. He has had some minor injuries in his toys after running in a rough surface. Do-It has a small umbilical hernia, that has not caused any problems and has not been treated surgically. Do-It is a regular sized male, about 55cm high and weights 19kg. Do-It has one litter of 7 puppies in Natvikens kennel, born in June 2023.

More pictures and films about Do-It can be found on his owner's instagram: _mind_your_manners_


Kuva (c) Lotta Rubom
Kuva (c) Lotta Rubom

Films about Do-It

Trendi is the daughter of my own dog Fisu from her only litter. Fisu's and Mio's litter has been quite successful. At the age of 5 years, each one of this Tending L-litter is a champion of one or more dog sport: Trendi herself is obedience champion, Hukka is agility and jumping champion and obedience champion from FCI class 2, sister Lina (Tending Lioness) is agility&jumping champion and obedience champion, brother Visa (Tending Lionfish) is obedience champion and working trial champion and brother Monni is obedience champion and water rescue champion. The entire litter represents the type of dog that I value in Border Collies. All Fisu's puppies are well-balanced, stable, easy-going dogs in everyday life, with plenty of drive and willingness to cooperate in sports, without excessive excitement causing problems. All Fisu's puppies are social with people and have no problems with loud noises or different surfaces. From Fisu's puppies, Hukka and Lina are a bit calmer type of dogs, Trendi, Visa and Monni are more speedy and running type of dogs. Fisu and her own siblings are also quite an impressive litter. Fisu herself has had a long competitive career in obedience, tracking and agility, she has competed at the national team level in all her sports. Now at the age of 10 years, Fisu is still in excellent shape, and participates in the national team tryouts of her retirement sport, rally obedience. Fisu's brother Roima (Tending Panther) has actually achieved everything that is possible to achieve in FCI obedience: Roima is Finnish and Nordic obedience champion, he won the golden medal in Finnish National Championships in SM -19 and -23, golden medal in Nordic Chamionships -21 and he is the World Champion of obedience in -22. Fisu's sister Misu (Tending Pleasure) has represented Finland in the obedience national team for several years and is Finnish and Nordic obedience champion, and Misu has also competed in herding and working trials. Fisu's sister Isla is a Finnish and Swedish obedience champion, and has also competed in the highest class in agility. Trend's father Mio is a working sheepdog on a farm, and has also competed in the highest class in herding in Sweden. Among Mio's siblings, the two brothers who live in Norway have been successful in sports: Fyhr's Robin has competed in Norway in obedience at the national team level and the other brother Fyhr's Prins Ivo in agility at the national team level. In addition to Fisu's litter, Mio has several other litters in Sweden and Norway, and his offspring compete in herding, obedience and agility.


Do-It comes from famous herding lines, his pedigree consists of famous British and Dutch ISDS dogs. Do-It was born in Sweden, but his both parents are British imports. Do-It's parents, Rhydale Jack and Lass, compete in herding in the highest class (IK2). Do-It's siblings are also mainly herding dogs, his sisters Peg and Nala, like Do-It, already compete in the IK2 class. A few of Do-It's half-siblings compete in obedience and agility, and four of Do-It's offspring have already started their training in obedience and agility. Do-It's offspring have proven to be cooperative and well-focused puppies, like their father. Their owners have been very satisfied with them as sports dogs. Further in Do-It's pedigree, there are some dogs with impressive herding merits and also some nice sports dogs. Do-It's mother Lass is a full sister to Tod (handled by Robert Ellis), who has won the qualifying day of World championships of herding in both 2022 and 2023, and Lass's half-brother Nip (handled by David Howells) has also had a long and successful career in herding. Do-It's grandsire is Kevin Evans' Ace, who is reserve world champion in 2017. Do-It's uncle Rhydale Duncan has been used in Sweden for several bitches who are competing in other sports than herding, and among his offspring Härjavallens Magiska Röjja and Härjävallens Magiska Vick are Swedish obedience champions, Manhof's Axa Queen is Swedish tracking champion, Ruinjo's Bizz is Swedish rally-obedience champion, and Greis Working Viv is Finnish and Swedish agility champion.

About the family

Kuva (c) Emmi Lavikka
Kuva (c)

Tending P-litter, Trendi's aunties Misu and Isla, mother Fisu and uncle Roima

Do-It's grandfathe, Ace by Kevin Evans

Pedigree of the litter
Näyttökuva 2024-04-26 kello 13.19.41.png

Trendi herself, all her siblings and both of her parents have been comprehensively health-examined, and since the entire family is very familiar to me from many directions, I know quite a lot about the health risks related to this family. 4/5 of the Fisu-Mio litter have A/A hips, Trend herself has B/B hips. All five have 0/0 elbows. Everyone's shoulders are x-rayed at 6 months of age and again at 1 year of age. Hukka was diagnosed with a mild OC in the left shoulder joint in the preliminary x-rays, the other four are healthy. Hukka's OC has not caused any symptoms, and the articular cartilage was intact on the arthroscopic examination of the shoulder joint. All five Fisu-puppies has an anatomically normal spine, i.e. LTV0 and VA0. Hukka was diagnosed with spondylosis in the thoracic spine at the age of 3,5 years, and Trend's brother Visa was also diagnosed with mild, asymptomatic spondylosis at the age of 4. Trendi, Lina and Monni have a spondylosis-free spine at the age of 4-5 years. Trendi's brother Monni has one litter born in 2021, in which no one has been diagnosed with OC or spondylosis so far. There are some ohter OCD cases in Trendi's family as well: Mio's two sons living in Sweden have been diagnosed with OC, and Fisu's full brother Roima had OCD surgery on his shoulder at the age of 8 months. The risk for spondylosis probably comes from both sides in Trendi's pedigree: Mio's father, Shep, has a few first- and second-generation offspring in Finland who have been diagnosed with spondylosis at a young age, and Fisu's half-brother, Duplo, has been diagnosed with spondylosis at 8 years of age. There are no autoimmune diseases among Trendi's parents, siblings or half siblings, but two of her cousins (the offspring of Fisu's sister Misu) have been diagnosed with an immunological disease that requires treatment. Epilepsy has not been found in Trendi's nearest family, and Trendi herself, as well as her siblings and most of her half-siblings, are already so old that it's unlikely that they would start to having seizures. Further back in Trend's pedigree are a few males who have left epilesy in their offspring (Eryri Roi in the 3rd generation and Joe of Roweburn in the 4th generation). Trendi's closest relative with epilepsy is the offspring of the father's half-brother in a combination that has a high risk for epilepsy from the other side.


Do-It is from a litter of six puppies, of which 4/6 have been x-rayed for hips. Two of Do-It's siblings have A/A hips, one has A/B hips, and Do-It himself has B/B. None of Do-It's siblings have been diagnosed with OCD. Do-It's father has 10 litters and mother has three litters. None of Do-It's half-siblings have been diagnosed with OCD or epilepsy, and all x-rayed have either A or B hips. Do-It's offspring have been healthy, no one has been diagnosed with OCD, but the litter is still too young for official hip/elbow scoring. No one in Do-It's close family is known to have spondylosis, and both of Do-It's parents are still actively competing in herding at the age of 7 years. Very few elbows have been x-rayed in Do-it's family, but all those who have been x-rayed, have 0/0 elbows. Do-It's uncle, Rhydale Duncan, has passed quite a lot of bad hips, and two of his offspring have been diagnosed with OCD and one with epilepsy. Duncan has a total of 14 litters and 83 puppies. Further back in Do-it's pedigree (in the 3rd generation) on the father's side there is Llangadog Gary, who has left several epilepsies in his 1. and 2. generation offspring. There are no other well-known epilepsy risk dogs anywhere near in Do-It's pedigree.

About the health

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