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Kuva (c) Erika Holappa

For Example - Litters

On this page you can find information about my litters. Please press the litter name to see the info page and presentation of the litter.

I have bred one litter in co-operation with Fisu's breeders, kennel Tending. Even Fisu's puppies have their own litter page despite they are not For Example dogs.


Lantstället's Glen "Glen"


Work-A-Lot Monkey "Manki"

born 5.12.2023

4 males, 4 females

Näyttökuva 2023-12-17 kello 16.39_edited.jpg

 Fyhr's mio "mio"


Tending Piraya "Fisu"


born 22.2.2019

3 males, 2 females

Breeder: Riitta Jantunen-Korri and Pekka Korri

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