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kuva (c) Maiju Livio


Work-A-Lot Monkey "Manki"
FI TVA JK2 EK3 RTK1 BH Lantstället's Glen "Glen"

Litter born on 5.12.2023: 4 boys and 4 girls

My very first own litter Manki-Glen was born in December 2023. Puppies were born at Manki's own home, and the whole Monkey-family moved to my home in age of 4 weeks. The whole project was very successful and everything went as smoothly as possible. Matings were natural, labour was easy and fast, and Manki was excellent mother for her puppies. All the puppies are brave and active little rascals and I'm waiting eagerly to see what future will bring to them. 


For Example
Honda Monkey "Jekku"

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  • Sports: obedience, SAR

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For Example Dance Monkey "Citrus"

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For Example Flying Monkey "Kuura"

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For Example Monkey Island "Fenton"

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For Example Monkey Leaf "Juku"

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For Example Monkey Business "Muikku"

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For Example Funky Monkey "Kaski"

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For Example Monkey Mind "Reivi"

  • border collie female

  • smooth black&white

  • Sports: obedience, SAR

  • Owner: Ninja Korpelin, Jyväskylä

  • Reivi in breeding database

Manki (Work-A-Lot Monkey), the mother of this litter, is energetic and active dog. She loves to co-operate with her handler and she is easily motivated with food and toy. Manki has huge will to please and she can be easily rewarded with only social reward. She can to endless amounts of repetitions without getting bored, and she is very fast and agile in everything she does. Manki has strong nerves and she is capable to adjust her state of mind while training. She can be rewarded with a toy without problems of getting too "hight" state of mind. She does not use voice when she is working. Manki is soft enough to be easy in obedience, she will not do same mistakes all over again, she wants to do right and please the handler. 

In everyday life Manki is easy and nice dog. She is social or sometimes a bit indifferent towards people. She lives in a family with two small kids, and she has been lovely family dog. Manki is completely healty: she has A/A hips, 0/0 elbows, healthy shoulders, healthy spine (LTV0, VA0, SP0) and healthy eyes as puppy and adult.  Manki does not have allergies, ear problems, skin problems or stomach issues. She has a bit bigger than average border collie female: 52 cm high and weights about 15,5 kg.


Manki is active in obedience, agility and herding. In obedience Manki competes in FCI class 2, in agility she competes in A1. Manki has passed MH-mental test. She is not scared of any sounds or different surfaces. 

Parents of the litter

Kuva (c) Emma Alve

Films about Manki

Glen (Lantstället's Glen) is a social, open and happy dog. While working, Glen is intensive, fast and powerful. The speed has increased with experience and age, at younger age Glen was more independent and calm. Glen is a stable dog who does not get easily frustrated. He has excellent handler focus and he does not care about distractions. He is easily motivated with food and toy, but he prefers toy over food. Glen has some softness towards handler in his character, but he does not get stressed about mistakes. In everyday life Glen is an easy dog. He is very social to everyone, he loves all kinds of people and gets along with other dogs as well. He lives in a pack of 5 dogs, he does not have problems with other males in the same pack. Glen does not react to any loud noises. Glen has B/B hips, 0/0 elbows, healthy shoulders, no spondylosis, healthy eyes. Glen has one extra rib and LTV type 1 meaning he has 4 vertebras in sacrum (instead of 3 vertebras). Glen has been very healthy his whole life, no allergies or any other health issues. Glen is a big male, 58 cm high and weights 21 kg. 

Glen is active in obedience, working trials and rally obedience. Glen competes in obedience FCI class 3, he is Finnish Obedience Champion and has been competing many times in national championships and team tryouts. In working trials (tracking and search) he competes in highes class. In rally obedience Glen competes in second class. Glen has seen sheep some times and he shows nice qualities for herding, but he has not been trained for herding trials. 

About Glen

Kuva (c) Heidi Ruuskanen
Kuva (c) Heidi Ruuskanen
Kuva (c) Heidi Ruuskanen

Films about Glen

Manki is a Swedish import, bought from Michelle Holmlund. Manki's pedigree consists of ISDS registered herding dogs and she has many famous supreme champion dogs as her ancestors. Besides herding merits, Manki has some very successful sports dogs as her relatives. Manki's mother Vallhunden Peak has won the golden and silver medals in Obedience World championships in 2019 and 2022, and she has been competing in Swedish National championships and representing Sweden in World championships and Nordic championships every year since 2018. Manki's half siblings Kajsaligans Kommandusen, Kajsaligans Odds and Kajsaligans All In Oki from Peak's first litter have been competing or will compete this year in Obedience World championships. 6 out 9 puppies in Peaks first litter are already obedience champions in the age of 4 years. Manki's father Pen-Y-Borough Jack is an UK import who lives now in Sweden with Karin Söderberg (kennel Vallhunden). Jack competes in herding in the highest class. Some of Manki's half siblings from fathers side have been competing in Swedish nursery championships in herding. Manki's littermates are active in obedience, working trials, agility and herding. Manki's two sisters are competing in obedience FCI class 3, one sister and one brother are competing in working trials (tracking and search) and one sister is competing in a high level in agility. 4/10 from Peak's second litter have been MH/BPH tested with great results and no reactions to gunshots. Manki's siblings have been nice sports and herding dogs and most of their owners are happy with them. One of Manki's sisters has been euthanized since she was unreliable with kids and her owner did not want to sell her back to the breeder. 

Glen is a Swedish import as well. Glen's parents Penywern Moss and Traeet's Lykke are both imports, Moss from UK and Lykke from Norway, so Glen does not really have Swedish bloodlines in his pedigree. Both of Glen's parents have been competing in herding with good results: Moss has been representing Sweden in Continental herding trial and Lykke has been competing in Swedish national championships in herding. Glen has some near relatives who are competing in dog sports as well. Three of Glen's siblings are competing in obedience, three are competing in agility and one brother is competing in working trials (search). Two of Glen's littermates have passed MH-test with great results and no reactions to gunshots. Glen's half brother Brasavallarens Lovethelimit is a Norwegian obedience champion and working trial champion (tracking) and Work's Stasch who is son to Glen's full sister Tyra, is a Swedish obedience champion.

About the family

Kuva (c) Michelle Holmlund
Kuva (c) Johanna Kempe

Manki's sister Nike, aunt Navy, half-sister Maze and mom Peak

Glen's father Moss

Pedigree of the litter

Näyttökuva 2023-5-30 kello 10.08_edited.jpg

Manki is from a litter of 10 puppies, where all the siblings are officially x-rayed for hips and elbows. 9/10 from this litter has A/A hips, one of them has B/B hips. All 10 have healthy elbows. Two of Manki's sisters have healthy shoulders and spine, others have not been examined. One of Manki's sisters have mild OCD in one shoulder and she has been operated in the age of 10 months. Manki has half siblings from both mother's and father's side. There are no OCD cases in Manki's half siblings. Manki's father has a mild, non-hereditary cataract in his eye. Other known health issues in Manki's family are few C hips in her half siblings and traumatic injuries like bone fractures and intestinal foreign bodies. There are no epilepsy cases or immune mediated diseases in Manki's near family. Nearest relative with epilepsy is offspring of her grandmother's brother. Manki has been DNA tested with MyDogDna test, she is a carrier of EAOD and myotonia congenita, clear of all other tested diseases. Manki's genetic diversity is 38 %, which is average number for a border collie. 

Glen is from a litter of 5 puppies, but the same breeding combination has been repeated, so there are 10 puppies out of Lykke-Moss.  6/10 of Glen's siblings has been x-rayed for hips dysplasia, 3 with A/A hips, 2 with B/B hips and one with C/C hips. Glen and three of his siblings has 0/0 elbows, the rest are not x-rayed. In Sweden they don't have official scoring system for spine, so there is no information about the spines of Glen's siblings. Glen's one brother has been diagnosed with spondylosis in the age of  7 years. There are no reported OCD, epilepsy or immune mediated diseases in Glen's siblings. Glen's father has 3 puppies with OCD (119 puppies in 21 litters in total). Glen's parents are already old, but still in good shape. Glen has been DNA-tested with MyDogDna test, he is clear of all tested diseases. Glen's genetic diversity is 36 %. Glen has one litter of 5 puppies born in spring 2023. 

About the health

Kuva (c) Emma Alve
Kuva (c) Heidi Ruuskanen
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