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Kuva (C) Emma Alve

Latest news

Trendi has been mated!

Fisu's daughter Trendi (Tending Ladybird) has been successfully mated with Swedish male Lekebergas Do-It. Trendi and I had a nice four day mini-holiday in Sweden, and we both were pretty thrilled about lovely and friendly Do-It. Counting from the first mating (17.5.), the puppies should be born in the mid-June 2024. Puppies will be born at my home, and they will move to Trendi's own home when they are a bit bigger.

13.4. 2x clean run for Zec

Zec and her handler Hanna were competing in agility last Saturday. Zec managed to do 2 clean runs, winning them both! Congratulations Hanna and Zec!

Kuva (c) Irene Erling

10.2. Fisu is new Finnish Rally-Obedience champion

A week ago Fisu made a comeback to rally-obedience competition rings after couple of months brake. On 3.2. she competed in Jyväskylä, with some mistakes in one difficult turn she got 93 points, with just 2 points missing from her last result for champion title. A week later we had better luck: in Sastamala Fisu made a very nice performance with 98 points, winning her class and now Fisu is new Finnish Rally-Obedience champion! Fisu had another competition at same day, with 97 points she made sure the missing result for champion title was not just good luck. 

This Rally-Obedience champion title is the 9th champion title for Fisu. 

5.2.2024 Zec's  results in obedience and agility

On 14.1. Zec and her handler Hanna competed in agility, jumping class 1. Zec managed to do her first clean run on jumping courses, winning her class! The second clean run was very close, with 5 faults Zec won another course as well.

Last Saturday was Zec's turn to compete in obedience. With a beautiful performance Zec gained 1. price in FCI class 2 with 303 points, honor prize and first place! Zec is now allowed to compete in highest class in obedience.

Amazing work Hanna and Zec!

Zec's picture (c) Hanna Toivola

27.1.2023 Manki's puppies have moved

First For Example -puppies have now moved to their new homes. One black&white girl stays with me. She will be called Muikku, and hopefully she will conquer obedience rings and agility courses with me when she is a bit older!

5.12.2023 Manki-Glen puppies are born!

Manki gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies on 5.12.2023! We have 4 boys and 4 girls. Everything went well and Manki is a good mother to her baby-monkeys. All the puppies seem to be growing and developing normally. All the puppies are spoken for.

Saturday 25.11.2023

Zec and Hanna were competing in agility in Hyvinkää: in A1 class Zec made a clean run with second place! In jumping course the clean run was very near, with one bar and fastest time she was placed second in J1 competition.  Congratulations Hanna and Zec! 

Picture (c) Mikko Marttinen / Kuvauksellista

9.11.2023 May's official health checks

May was x-rayed last week and official grading from Finnish Kennel club was ready this week. May has B/B hips, 0/0 shulders and healthy spine, LTV0 VA0 SP0. May's shoulders were x-rayed as well, but since May took part to a research about radiography as screening method for mild osteochondrosis, official shoulder grading for May will be done later, probably on spring 2024.

Despite the healthy hips, elbows and spine, May will not be a breeding girl. She has started to show fear to different noises, and the reactions have increased with age.

Picture (c) Jenni Kaskela

3.11.2023 Desi's first birthday

Our Italian princess Desi had her first birthday last week. She turned 1 year on 27.10., and this week she had her hips, elbows, shoulders and spine x-rayed. Desin has been x-rayed clear of hip dysplasia and OCD in the age of 6 months, so we did not need to fear for bad results now. Desi got best possible results of everything: hips A/A​, elbows 0/0, shoulders OCD free, spine LTV0 VA0! We are very happy with these results!

Desi has turned out really great. She is exactly the kind of dog we were hoping for, an active, stable minded girl who is easy in everyday life and has lots of potential for sports. This autumn Desi has been active in tracking forest. Her handler Saara has no experience of competing in tracking, but Desi has been a natural talent and even in this young age, she has shown great abilities for tracking and probably will start her competition career next year! 

Picture (c) IDA photos workshop at Forssa ammatti-instituutti

Kuva (c) Heidi Ruuskanen
Manki & Glen litter

Manki started her heat 27.9., and last week she travelled to Savonlinna to meet her boyfriend Glen. Manki has been mated three times on 6. and 7.10., so fingers crossed for a nice bunch of baby monkeys! If everything goes like planned, puppies will be born 7.12.2023 and be ready to move to their new homes in the end of January 2024. 

Picture (c) Heidi Ruuskanen

Saturday 26.8.2023

Manki competed in Pohjois-Häme district championships in obedience with her handler Emma. Manki was really great, 310 points from FCI class 1, honor prize and Manki's team won the district championships! Congratulations Emma and Manki!



Picture (c) Sporttirakki 

Kuva (c) Riemukauppa
Sunday 30.7.2023

Zec and her handler Hanna started their career in A1 agility competitions today! Zec has competed some times in J1, but finally her A-frame is ready and she can run both jumping and agility courses. Zec managed to do a clean run from her very first A1 course! Well done Hanna and Zec!

Picture (c) Maarit Karhu-Teiskonen / Riemukauppa

20.-23.7. Agility European Open

Last week Hukka represented Finland in Agility European Open in Hoersholm, Denmark. Hukka had 4 runs in the competition, two team courses on Friday and two individual courses on Saturday. Hukka managed to do one clean run on individual jumping course, but sadly one turn in wrong direction took so much time that we did not make it to the finals. It was still great to see that Hukka has all the skills and speed that are needed in this level, none of the courses felt too difficult for us and the mistakes were only some minor things. Hukka was lovely and easygoing team mate, it was truly a pleasure to travel with him!

Picture (c) Jukka Pätynen / 

Sunday 16.7.2023 Finnish obedience championships

For Example team was represented in Finnish national championships in Helsinki: Manki ja Zec were competing in FCI class 1, me and Hukka in FCI class 2 and Manki's future boyfriend Lantstället's Glen was competing in the highest class and individual championships. 

On Saturday Hukka managed to do a beatiful performance with only some minor mistakes, 297,75 points and he won the class! Hukka is now also Finnish Obedience Champion from class 2! Together with our best team mates from our club Tamsk, we managed to win the team competition!

On sunday Manki had some bad luck with her, she got bitten by some insect in the beginning of the first ring and since that she was not able to show her best performance. With zero points from 2 exercises she got only 216 points. Zec was brilliant and managed to gain 278 points, so first price! Manki's boyfriend Glen made excellent work and made it to the finals from Saturday's ranking. In combined results he was placed 11.!

Pictures (c) Liisa Harvela

Nimetön malli.jpg
Thursday 22.6.2023

For 2 months ago I took a DNA sample of Desi, and finally, after sample error, ordering a new test kit and sending a blood sample instead of cheek cell swabs we got the results! Desi is carrier of EAOD and IGS, just like her mother Jill.

Desi is now 8 months old and we have been very satisfied with her. She is a brave and confident puppy, she is not afraid of sounds and she is calm and sensible in new situations. We are eagerly waiting for Desi to grow and start her career in different dog sports!

kuva (C) IDA photos
kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka
monday 29.5.2023

A bit over a week ago Manki had her dental treatment appointment due to fractured tooth, and at the same sedation her spine was officially x-rayed for spondylosis scoring. Manki has healthy spine, no signs of spondylosis! Last friday Manki had also official ECVO eye examination and gonioscopy. Manki has healthy eyes and no findings in gonioscopy. Hopefully we will have baby-Monkeys in the end of this year if everything goes as planned!

Tuesday 23.5.2023

Last weekend me and Hukka competed in agility EO/AWC team tryouts in Vantaa. Hukka made 3 clean runs placing 2. in every course, and with these results he was selected in Finnish National team and will compete in agility European Open and World Championships this year!

Picture (c) Jukka Pätynen/Koirakuvat

kuva (C) Jukka Pätynen
kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka
Sunday 14.5.2023

Fisu has been competing in rally obedience during last week. She started first time in open class on Saturday last week gaining 93 points. On Sunday last week she finished her second course in open class with 100 points and 1. place. Today she did another perfect course with 100 points and 1. place. With three approved results from open class she got the title RTK2. From now on she will compete in the class 3 in rally obedience!

Hukka has been active in agility. Last Thursday he did one clean run with 2. place on jumping course. Yesterday he managed to do three clean runs and he won all the courses! Hukka is now qualified to compete in Finnish National Championships in August!

Thursday 20.4.2023

Our little Italian princess Desi will be 6 months next week, so she came for a visit to my work place for preliminary x-rays. Her shoulders and hips were evaluated in x-rays and everything looked good! No signs of OCD and hips are healthy. Such a relief!

Näyttökuva 2023-4-20 kello 17.26.41.png
Sunday 19.3.2023

Manki and Emma competed yesterday in agility class 1 in Tampere. This was her second competition day ever, and the first time on agility courses with her stunning running contacts. Manki managed to do one clean run and she won her class! Congratulations Emma and Manki <3 

Picture (C) Maiju Livio

Sunday 5.3.2023

Zec competed today for the first time in obedience class 1 -  276 points and first price! Congratulations Hanna and Zec and good luck to class 2!

Picture (c) Maiju Livio

Saturday 4.3.2023

On Sunday last week we had a lovely herding session with Manki, Zec and Desi. Manki and Zec has trained herding before and were able to continue their training. Desi, who is now 4 months old, met the sheep for the first time. At first Desi was a bit suspicious about the sheep and was more interested to eat feces and cuddle with the people than to confront the sheep. After some minutes she understood the meaning of life and got interested in sheep :)

Thanks for the lovely pictures Maiju Livio! 

Nimetön suunn.malli.jpg
Kuvat (c)Maiju Livio
Thursday 2.3.2023

On saturday 25.2. Hukka competed in Finnish agility team tryouts in Ojanko, Vantaa. On the first course Hukka managed to do clean run, placing 2./83 and gained jumping certificate! Since the certificate was his third one, Hukka became a Finnish Jumping champion! In the combined results Hukka is now 6./90.

Monday 6.2.2023

For Example-website, Facebook-account and Instagram-account are finally public! Welcome!

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