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Kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka

Puppy plans

The next For Example -litter is planned for summer 2024! Trendi (FI OB CH Tending Ladybird) has been mated with Lekebergas Do-It at 17. and 18.5., so the puppies will hopefully be born in July. The litter will be done in co-operation with Trendi's owner Satu.​ You can read more about Trendi's litter plans on their own page.

My Swedish import Zec will hopefully have litter plans for 2025. The male has not been decided. 

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Kuva (C) Emma Alve

Interested in a for example-puppy?

Border collie is an active working dog who needs a home with some reasonable activities. I sell the puppies as sports dogs for people who are goal-directed and interested to compete in some dog sport. I don't sell puppies just as pets or jogging pals. I don't care about the apartment, the earlier competition results or experiences of different breeds of a puppy buyer, but I want the puppy buyers to be interested to train with their dog and have enough time to spend together with the dog.  

For Example -puppies will grow at my home, in the middle of normal tasks of everyday life. Puppies will get experiences of visitors, friendly adult dogs, traveling in the car and different noises. Puppies are fed with premium quality dog food and they will be conditioned to chase food and toy. Puppies are sold in the age of 7-8 weeks. Puppies are registered, micro chipped and examined by vet. As a breeder I wish to be a part of the adult life of my puppies, I want to hear how they are doing and help owners to train with them if possible. I don't have a waiting list for future puppies, but I wish to meet people who are interested in my litters. I will choose the homes for puppies when I see how the puppies are developing and what kind of wishes does puppy buyers have for their puppies. 

Kuva (C) Tiia Hämäläinen

If you are interested in my breeding work, please write me an e-mail in good time before the birth of the planned litter. You can find a lot of information about my dogs and thoughts about breeding on my website and social media, please familiarize yourself with the character descriptions, health information and pedigrees of the parents of the planned litter before contacting me. Introduce yourself and tell me why you are interested in my dogs and what kind of sports you could offer to a border collie puppy. If possible, I would like to meet puppy buyers face to face, and visitors are welcome to meet the puppies after they have turned 3 weeks. 

Email: emmi.lavikka (at)

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