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Kuva (C) Erika Holappa

For Example Monkey Business "Muikku"

  • Border collie female

  • Born 5.12.2023

  • Smooth black&White

  • Parents: Work-A-Lot Monkey "Manki" & FI OB CH JK2 EK2 RTK1 Lantstället's Glen "Glen"

  • Breeder: Emmi Lavikka, kennel For Example

  • Sports: obedience, agility, herding

  • Pedigree

Kuva (C) Erika Holappa

Health and structure

  • Hips: too young

  • Elbows: too young

  • Shoulders: too young

  • Spine: too young

  • Eyes: clear as puppy

  • Normal bite, normal dentition

  • DNA tests: carrier of myotonia congenita, clear of all other tested diseases (MyDogDNA/Wisdom Panel)

  • Height: 30 cm at 8 weeks

  • Weight: 4,5kg at 8 weeks

Muikku is from my first own litter, daughter of my Swedish import Manki. I like Manki, so I wanted her daughter as my next sports dog. Muikku seems to be an easygoing, joyful puppy who loves to play with toys and takes food as reward although she is not as greedy for food as my other dogs. Muikku is a bit calmer than her mother was as a puppy, and she does not use lots of her voice. Being alone at home has been very easy, and she is almost house-clean at age of 9 weeks.

With Muikku I'm planning to concentrate on obedience. Since Fisu has been retired and Hukka has more potential in agility, I feel that I'm missing one obedience dog. Agility I will try as well with Muikku, but obedience will probably be the main interest. Herding we will at least try. 

Kuva (C) Rita Larjava
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