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Kuva (C) Jenni Kaskela


  • Border collie female

  • Born 22.3.2021

  • Rough black brindle tricolour

  • Parents: GK Vallh PR Emenems Zapy "Zapy" & Newbold Jim "Jim"

  • Breeder: Mikaela Prim, Sweden

  • Handler: Jenni Kaskela, Rauma

  • Sports: obedience

  • Pedigree

Kuva (C) Jenni Kaskela

Health and structure

  • Hips: B/B

  • Elbows: 0/0

  • Shoulder healthy in the age of 6 months

  • Spine: LTV0 VA0 SP0

  • Eyes clear as a puppy

  • CEA clear by parents

  • Height 47 cm

  • Weight 13 kg

May is an active and speedy girl from Sweden. May's breeder Mikaela called her "a terrier" when she was a puppy, and what it comes to playing with a toy, May lives by her name. May loves to play and she has huge will to play with a toy with her handler. May is greedy for food and easy to reward with treats as well. May is somewhat fanatic about running, and she would love to run with other dogs. While training, May is surprisingly calm and thoughtful. May is a bit insecure and guarded with strange people. May lives in a family of two adults and one kid, and with her own family and familiar people she is social and nice. May is sensitive to loud noises like firework and gun shots.

Kuva (C) Jenni Kaskela


May lives in Rauma with my close friend Jenni. May is training obedience and she has been introduced to sheep as well. May has shown nice qualities for herding, she is natural and seems pretty easy to train for herding. May is very elastic and fast, and she has really great body control.

I'm not going to use May in breeding. Her reactions to noises have increased with age and for me it's important that breeding dogs don't have fears that might influence in everyday life.

Kuva (C) Jenni Kaskela
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