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  • Border collie female

  • 13.12.2007-28.1.2023

  • Rough black&white

  • Parents: C.I.B. FI CH FI OB CH JK2 RTK1 Pikkupaimenen Never Say Never "Neppu" & FI AG CH JK1 PPR1 Laetare Bowler Jack "Space"

  • Breeder: Minna Väyrynen, kennel Wildmagpie's

  • Sports: obedience, agility, tracking, SAR, rally-obedience

  • Pedigree

Kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka

Health and structure

  • Hips: A/A

  • Elbows: 0/0

  • Shoulders: healthy in the age of 13 months

  • Spine: LTV0 VA0 SP0 in the age of 8 years

  • Knees: 0/0

  • Eyes healthy as a puppy and adult 

  • MyDogDna tested, clear of all tested diseases

  • Urinary incontinence after sterilization

  • Height 48 cm

  • Weight 16,5 kg

Most of all, Step was a True Border Collie according to the breed standard. After my first dog Sara I wanted a more typical BC, that would be easier to train and more eager to co-operate than Sara. Step has been everything I wished for and a perfect dog to a young and novice but goal-directed handler. She was a smart, energetic, and humble dog with endless will to please and co-operate with her handler. She had a big engine and excellent handler focus. Step was very social to people and polite to other dogs.  In everyday life Step was the easiest dog I can think of. She was calm at home, she could go without leash everywhere, she had absolutely zero hunting instinct, she was very obedient and cool in every situation. Step was very classy, traditional looking border collie who has been successful in conformation shows.

Step's only weakness was her sensitivity to loud noises. At the age of two years Step got scared of fireworks and after that she has reacted to all kinds of loud noises like firework, thunder and gun shots. Step has learned to tolerate noises and she has been able to compete in working trials despite the gun shots that are a part of the FCI-IGP obedience. 


  • Obedience: Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Nordic obedience champion. Competed in the finals of Finnish national championships in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

  • Agility: Finnish and Swedish agility champion and ja jumping champion. Team gold medal in Finnish national championships in 2014. Competed in the finals of Finnish national championships in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015

  • Working trials: Finnish working trial champion, competes in the highest class in tracking

  • Finnish show champion, 2x BOB

  • Character test +178 points

Kuva (C) Lea Uotinen

Obedience has been the main sport for Step. In obedience, Step was a talented dog who learned the exercises quickly and was willing to please the handler. She was a soft dog who did not tolerate much pressure or ugly handling, but when trained in a positive way Step was a happy, fast, active and intensive dog who could do endless amount of repetitions without getting tired or bored. Step did not care about distractions and she focused always 100% to handler. Step loved to play, she was easy to reward with toy, food or social reward. She did not use voice while working. Step was a strong "eye dog" in obedience and there was a certain kind of stiffness in some exercises. Despite the stiffness, Step had competed in obedience with great results. She became a Finnish obedience champion in the age of 2,5 years, she competed in the Finnish national championships 6 times and won Helsinki district championships in 2010. Step competed in Sweden and Denmark gaining Swedish, Danish and Nordic obedience champion titles. 

Besides obedience, Step has competed in agility and working trials. In agility Step was completely different kind of a dog compared to my first border collie Sara. Step was not very fast, but she was really a great listener, she was easy to handle, she turned very tightly and didn't move very independently, but rather kept herself near the handler. Since she was so easy dog to run with, she made clean runs quite often and was able to compete in Finnish national championships and tryouts for national team almost every year during her career. Step competed in agility in Sweden as well, finishing her only competition day with 4/4 clean runs and Swedish agility- and jumping champion titles.  Step retired from agility in the age of 7,5 years. 

Kuva (C) Tiia Hämäläinen
Kuva (C) Tiia Hämäläinen

Step's career in working trials has teached me that you should never say never and always keep dreaming big. When Step started to react in gun shots in the age of 2 years, I  almost gave up with her career as a working trial dog. Besides the problems with sound sensitivity, Step had big problems with the 1 meter jump as well. Step was very talented in the search and tracking, so I decided to try and do my best to train her to jump and cope with the gunshots. After 1,5 years of active desensitization to shots and teaching her jumping technique, we were able to start competing in working trials. Step was never really okay with the noises, but she had so big will to please and such a great engine to work, so she managed tolerate the gun shots in the competitions and she gained some nice points from the obedience despite her weaknesses. In the age of 8,5 years Step finally completed her Working Trial Champion title in seeking trial (a working trial that includes IGP-obedience, manhunting, tracking, article search, detecting of a small item and long fetch of a dropped article). Even when Step never competed in Finnish national championships of working trials, I consider Step's working trial champion title as one of the biggest achievements in my history of dog sports.  

2014-07-25 Step-mökki_00067.jpg
Kuva (C) Tiia Hämäläinen

Step lived a long and healthy life. During her agility career she had some minor injuries after running towards obstacles. Otherwise she was quite healthy. Step had a benign tumor in her eyelid and front paw and they have been removed surgically. After sterilization Step has had urinary incontinence. In the age of 13 years she started to have some typical geriatric problems like hearing loss, osteoarthritis and some urinary track infections and diarrheas. In the age of 15 years she was put to sleep due to a tumor in urinary bladder.

Films about Step

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