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Kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka


  • Border collie female

  • Born 23.2.2021

  • Rough black tricolour

  • Parents: SE OB CH GK Vallh PR Emenems Elle "Elle" & SE OB CH GK Vallh PR Vallhunden Chapman "Chap"

  • Breeder: Malou Grönwall & Philippa Falk, Ruotsi

  • Handler: Hanna Toivola, Nummela

  • Sports: obedience, agility, herding

  • Pedigree

Kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka

Health and structure

  • Hips: A/A

  • Elbows: 0/0

  • Shoulder healthy in the age of 6 months and 1 year

  • Spine LTV0 VA0

  • Eyes healthy as a puppy 

  • MyDogDna tested, IGS carrier, clear of all other tested diseases

  • Height 48 cm

  • Weight 14 kg

Zec is a small and fiery girl from Sweden. She is a funny and sweet dog at home. She lives in a family of two adults and two kids and she has been an easy and trouble-free family dog. She is nice and level-headed in everyday life, but unnoticeable is not a right word to describe Zec. She wants to be very close, she loves to cuddle. Zec is an energetic  dog who loves to run, but to calm down is not a problem for her either. Zec is fast and stylish in everything she does. 


Zec trains and competes in obedience and agility with her handler Hanna. Zec is easy to reward with food and toy. Zec has been a nice dog to train, but she has had some challenges with distractions by running dogs in the same field. She would love to watch other dogs when they run. Zec is not a soft dog, she does not worry about mistakes and is always ready to try again. She has been completely secure with gun shots and other loud noises. Zec has been introduced to sheep and she has shown nice qualities for herding.


  • Obedience: 1. price FCI class 1

  • Agility: competes in A2 and J1, 1x clean run from A2, 2x clean run from J1

  • Passed MH-test in the age of 18 months, 1 in gun shots (no reaction to shots)

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