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Kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka


  • Border collie male

  • Born 22.2.2019

  • Smooth red tricolour

  • Parents: NORD OB CH FI&SE&NO OB CH FI&NO AG CH FI AG CH( JUMP) FI WTCH PM-17 PM-18 M-18 M-19 JK3 PAIM2 PPR1 BH Tending Piraya "Fisu" & Gk Vallh Pr Fyhr's Mio "Mio"

  • Breeder: Pekka Korri & Riitta Jantunen-Korri, kennel Tending

  • Sports: agility, SAR, tracking, obedience, herding, water rescue

  • Pedigree

Kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka

Health and structure

  • Hips: A/A

  • Elbows: 0/0

  • Shoulders: mild OC of left shoulder joint

  • Spine: LTV0 VA0 SP2

  • Eyes: PPM iris-cornea as a puppy

  • Normal testicles

  • Normal bite, normal dentition

  • Genetically CEA, TNS, IGS free by parents

  • Height 57cm

  • Weight 20kg

Hukka, mr. Moose and a basement-dweller, is a Fisu-son who stayed at home from Fisu's first and last litter. I was going to keep a small and pretty girl after Fisu, and not the biggest male puppy in the litter... Hukka is a cheerful, stable, sensitive and brave boy, who is social and easygoing in every situation he experiences. Hukka is a lovely, pleasant dog in everyday life, he has no fears and he is always reliable in new environments. In sports, Hukka has a great will to please, he is stable and open towards handler. Hukka is not the fastest or keenest dog, and he adds speed in his work only if he really knows what he is supposed to do. Hukka is always very sensible in everything he does, he does not run towards obstacles or injure himself by doing something reckless. Hukka does not use his voice while working. Hukka loves to play with toys and he is greedy for food as well. Hukka might not be the smartest dog in a world, but he always tries his best and tries to understand the criteria of the tasks we are training. 


  • Agility: competes in A3, FI AG CH, 2x jumping certificate, Sagi ranking 2023: 283,92 points, place 20.

  • Finnish National team member in Agility 2023

  • SAR: HK2, competes in highest class 

  • Obedience: Finnish obedience champion from class 2, allowed to compete in FCI class 3. Hukka won the class 2 in Finnish national championships in 2023

  • Passed MH-test in the age of 18 months, 1 in gun shots

  • Dog show: G (good) in working class

Kuva (C)Irene Erling

The main activity with Hukka is agility. Hukka competes in the highest class in agility. When we started agility, Hukka was very slow, he had no intentions to speed up and he trotted over dogwalk and through tunnels. When Hukka learned more skills and got more self confidence, he started to add speed. Today Hukka is a fast and pleasant dog to run with. Despite his long legs Hukka turns very tightly and collects naturally to jumps. Hukka is an easy dog to handle, he wants to listen to handler and he never does anything stupid or reckless. Hukka has running contacts and many verbal cues for jumps. Hukka started his competition career in A1 spring 2021, it took only one week for him to get up to next class, A2, and couple of months later he was able to compete in A3. Hukka has many victories with clean runs in A3 and he got his Agility Champion title in early spring 2022, only 10 months after he had started his career in A1. In 2023, Hukka was part of the Finnish national team in EO and AWC.

Besides agility, Hukka has been trained for SAR (search and tracking). In search Hukka has been a promising dog since he was a puppy. Hukka has all those qualities that are demanded for a good SAR dog: he is social to people, he is easily motivated with food and toys, he is not sensitive to loud noises like gunshots, he is independent and still obedient and he knows how to use his nose for searching. Hukka points out the people he has found by barking. In tracking Hukka feels quite natural, he has done very little training for tracking but it seems to be easy for him. 

Kuva (C) Hannele Rontu

Obedience was not supposed to be Hukka's sport, but since Finnish SAR-trials includes a FCI-IGP obendience, Hukka has done some obedience as well. In obedience Hukka has competed in national start class and FCI class 1. Hukka has been started in herding as well. Hukka showed interest to sheep at early age. In herding Hukka is quite calm and obedient dog. He has had problems with his flanks and outruns, he does not understand to open flanks and pushes the sheep further while trying to fetch them. Due to missing outruns he probably won't compete in herding. At summertime, Hukka has been training water rescue. Hukka likes to swim and he is big enough for pulling the boat in water, so hopefully Hukka will be able to compete in water rescue some day.

What it comes to health issue, Hukka has had some bad luck. At the age of 6 months preliminary x-rays of the shoulders revealed OC of the left shoulder. Hukka had not been limping the afftected leg, but he was kept at rest for 3 months to make sure that the OC change would not get worse and start causing symptoms. After 3 months of only walking in the leash the situation of the shoulder was controlled. The OC change had not healed properly, so Hukka was kept at rest for another 3 months. At the age of 13 months Hukka finally was able to move freely and start training again. The shoulder has not caused any symptoms, but the long sick leave has influenced a lot to Hukka's career in the sports.  Besides OC, Hukka had a bit sensitive stomach when he was young, and it was difficult to find a food that would not cause diarrhea or farting. After finding a good food, all stomach issues have disappeared and as adult Hukka can eat anything without problems. Hukka had some problems with his paws at younger age. His paw pads were very dry and cracking, and I have had to use different creams and fatty acid supplements to prevent his paws to crack in winter. In the end of summer 2022 Hukka started to have weird pain symptoms, he didn't want to jump and refused to work at SAR training, and he had very tense muscles of back and both hind legs. Hukka was x-rayed and spondylosis was diagnosed in the caudal thoracic spine. The spondylosis has progressed slowly and Hukka has been able to continue his career in sports.

Films about Hukka

Kuva (C) Emma ALVE
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