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Kuva (C) Emma Alve

Work-a-lot Monkey "Manki "

  • Border collie female

  • Born 26.8.2020

  • Smooth black&white

  • Parents: Obedience World Champion -19 SE OB CH GK Vallh PR Vallhunden Peak "Peak" & GK Vallh PR Pen-Y-Borough Jack "Jack"

  • Breeder: Michelle Holmlund, Sweden

  • Handler: Emma Alve, Kangasala

  • Sports: agility, obedience, herding, working trials (messenger dog)

  • Pedigree

Kuva (C) Emmi Lavikka

Health and structure

  • Hips: A/A

  • Elbows: 0/0

  • Shoulders: healthy in the age of 5 months, 6 months and 1 year

  • Spine: LTV0 VA0 SP0

  • Knees: 0/0

  • Eyes clear as a puppy and adult, gonioscopy clear

  • MyDogDna tested, EAOD carrier, MC carrier, clear of other tested diseases

  • Height: 52 cm

  • Weight: 15,5 kg

Manki, our Swedish princess and covid-kid, is my first co-owned bitch. Manki moved to my close friend Emma to fullfill the empty place after her young malinois that died accidentally. Manki, or Monkey as her official name says, lives up to her name, and there are no boring days when living with Manki. She is an energetic, fast and active dog who wants to take part in all tasks of everyday life. Manki is very hungry and she does not care if the food she finds available is her own kibbles, an open garbage bag or potato skins, she will eat it anyway. Luckily Manki has no tendency to get diarrhea or stomach problems after stolen food. Manki is social to people, but in some situations she might bark to weird looking strangers before getting to know them. Manki lives in a family of two adults and a young child, and she has been lovely as a family dog. Manki was a bit suspicious about running children when she was younger, but after living with a child in her family, she got used to children and is totally okay with them. At home Manki wants to cuddle and to sit in somebody's lap. Manki lives with two older dogs and she is social to other dogs as well. Manki loves to run and she is very speedy when walking outside, she might run quite far away, but she always comes immediately if she is called. Manki has no hunting instinct and she is very obedient in everyday life.

Manki is easy to reward with food and toy. She plays with good drive and usually brings the toy back to handler. For Manki, it's easy to change between food and toy and she is pleased with social reward as well. Manki is not afraid of loud noises and she moves easily in all different surfaces.


  • Obedience: 1. price in FCI class 1, competes in FCI class 2. 1. place in novice class in Finnish National Championships 2022

  • Agility: competes in A1, 1x clean run

  • Approved MH-test in the age of 18 months, 1 in gun shots

  • Show: VG (very good) in intermediate class

Kuva (C) Emma Alve

Manki's main sport with Emma is agility. In agility, Manki is extremely fast and agile. She can do endless amount of repetitions without getting tired and she is not a soft dog in agility, she does not get stressed about mistakes or negative feedback given by her handler.  Collection to jumps is not her strength and Emma has done lot of work to teach Manki to collect and turn. Manki does everything with full speed and working far away from handler is very easy for her. Since Manki is so fast, she is not the easiest dog to handle in agility, but she has something really special in her way to move and use her body. Manki has running contacts and verbal cues for different tasks on jumps. Manki is competing in A1. 

Kuva (C) Emma Alve
Kuva (C) Emma Alve

Besides agility, Manki has been training and competing in obedience. As a youngster Manki had some conflicts with Emma (mainly in heelwork) and started to look a bit distressed while working. Emma offered me an opporturnity to try Manki in obedience and see, how she would work with another handler. With me, Manki has been a pleasure to work with. She is a humble dog who wants to please, if she does some mistakes she will change her way to work and she wants to do the right things. With me, she has never been stressed or uneasy, she is always cheerful and active. Manki is a clever dog and she learns fast everything I teach her. She is fast in everything she does. Manki has good nerves and she is able to adjust her spirit to the situation. She can be rewarded with playing without fear of her getting too tense. She does not use voice while working. Manki has some troubles with distractions, but she responses very well to training and I'm sure the distractions won't cause problems when she matures. 


Manki has done some messenger dog training as well. In Finland we have a working trial called messenger dog trial, where a dog is running between two handlers that are in 1-1,7 km apart from each other. Manki loves to run and she is very independent dog, so messenger trial suits her well. Manki has good jumping technique and she is rather large sized BC female, so the 1 meter jump will not cause troubles for her either.


In addition to her sports, Manki has done some herding with me. Manki got interested in sheep in the age of 4,5 months. In herding Manki is keen and a bit hectic. She has open flanks and she responds well to pressure. She is obedient and humble, but she never stops working or leaves the field even when things get difficult. Manki has had difficulties to confront the sheep in narrow places like the edges of fences and she needs more experience of farm work before she is ready to start to compete in herding. Despite her weaknesses, she has way more potential and natural instinct for herding than any of my other dogs. 

Kuva (C) Emma Alve

Manki has been very healthy all her life. She has had some minor accidents, like fractured tooth and some lameness after running towards an iron bar. Manki has no allergies or skin problems and she can eat anything without problems. Even when she has a lot of speed in both everyday life and sports, she seems to have an excellent body control and ability to keep herself healthy. Manki has not had hormonal problems or false pregnancies that would have influence on her sports and competitions.

Films about Manki

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